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6 Nov

What information to provide about your pet

Details about feeding (amount, number of meals per day and time of meal), permitted snacks, treats, etc. Information about where and how long your pet is used to sleeping, what toys it needs to calm down. Detailed instructions regarding your pet's requirements for


22 Oct

Hectic times and pets

We live in an era of rapid development in all areas of our life, everything rushes at a colossal speed, picks up a crazy pace, and if you stop for a moment, you are already late. I want active development, growth, knowledge, I want to embrace the whole world, but at the same time not to lose the most important basic values


6 Oct

Morning walk on the sun-drenched terrace of the hotel

How wonderful it is to walk out early in the morning to your own terrace, where a spring of thermal water gushes nearby and the mountains completely covered with grape leaves lean over the hotel! And this wonderful clean air cannot be compared with anything! And that's not the description of a hotel for humans, it's a hotel-sanatorium for your