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About us

The PetGrooming Company (PGC) started its professional activities focused on animal care already in 2015. Thanks to the favor of our clients and the satisfaction of their pets, we can continue to develop and bring a wider portfolio of our services.

The list of our services includes:
Hotel services for dogs, cats and other pets.
Animal salon services including grooming, claws, teeth and other hygiene for dogs, cats and rabbits.
We are also a cattery for hairless cat breeds.

Our whole life, and not only the professional one, is connected with animals. Because we know well the needs of our pets, but also of their owners, we try to provide services that help these, sometimes so different, creatures to live closer together.

A hotel for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and other pets is part of that.

Our hotel sanatorium was created especially for the comfort of your pet and for your peace of mind.



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Why us?

Tým Pet hotelu Teplice
individuální přístup

Individual approach

Each dog or cat is accommodated in a separate comfortable room, which is individually prepared before your arrival with regard to the specifics of your pet.

odbornost a profesionalita

Expertise and professionalism

The staff of our hotel is composed of real professionals who really love animals and know how to properly care for them. Each animal is assigned a specific caretaker who is responsible for the animal and devotes all of his time to it.

nadstandardní služby

Superior services

The services of our hotel for dogs and cats include, for example, wellness procedures (ozone therapy, artificial sun, massages, training, water procedures), hotel taxis for animals, daily sending of photo and video materials about your pet, ...